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12 Learning Resources for Kids That Becomes Free During School Closures

Many educational activities, DIY project ideas, virtual field trips, digital lesson plans, and brain-boosting games can be accessed easily to keep the kids busy while everybody is staying home. Most of the resources are free, while some require a subscription fee to access the contents. Fortunately, during these school closures, a lot of companies are willing to waive the fee and making their paid services free through the rest of the school year.

Teaching Kids to Wash Hands in A Fun Way

Hand washing is a habit that starts at home. To get kids to wash their hands by asking and reminding them to actually having the initiative to do it takes time. And sometimes, a little bit of creative ideas. Here are 6 activities that helps teaching kids to wash hands as part of their routine in a fun way.


6 Must Have Products That Help Newborns Sleep Better

One of the hardest parts of newborn phase is sleep deprivation. After experiencing the fourth trimester two times, I have come to conclusion that the best way to get my baby to sleep better and longer is by establishing a good sleep routine. Here is my list of newborn baby sleep must haves that I hope also helps your baby to sleep well.


Parents Guide to Prepare for Coronavirus Closures

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) is now pretty much anywhere around the world. These are considered extremely daunting times given how quickly the Coronavirus has gone on to become a pandemic. We as parents surely have a lot of concerns. How quickly the virus spread, the significant disruptions to the daily life of the family members with …

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How To Survive the Newborn Stage with a Postpartum Plan

Get your FREE Postpartum Plan  at the bottom of the page! I was never a fan of the newborn phase. The hardest stage in my life is when my first child at the newborn stage. There, I said it. It was a rough phase because I didn’t expect it to be THAT mentally and physically exhausting. …

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How to limit your kids screen time

How do I set rules to limit things that seem to have so much power over my kids’ attention? I gather around the top 6 tips on how to successfully implement the screen time rules. Please mind that every family is different and these are the ones that worked with my kids (who are all under 6).