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Hello guys welcome to Nocturnal Mom! It’s beeeeeeen a looooooooong time since I last blog. And yes here I’ am now, I’m currently brainstorming a lot of ideas coming out of this night owl mind. Yes this is Deann of HelloDeann, ItsMeDeann, DeannSarmiento and a lot of blogs that I have, but got lost interest along the way.

But now I would like to continue blogging by changing my niche from beauty to mommy/parenting/personal niche.

And I like to change the way of writing my content. Why? I don’t know, it is how I see my previous employer writes his blog posts.

Why Nocturnal? Well this is because a good friend of mine from WWW who’s residing in Cebu, Gessa of yougotnogee.info and now gessacondino.com because I’m such a huge enabler! I have thought at least 4 domains and gave it to her, but then she told me what about NocturnalMom.com – well we know what nocturnal is, and yes I’m very active at night! It should be NightOwlMom.com but nocturnal is great, I think.

We bought our domains for just 54pesos! Using our Payoneer card, since we have a few bucks left since the amazing ShareASale trend.

Moving on to my current header logo that I made today. This is actually one of the nicest header logo that I made, well of course with the help of some vectors from Shutterstock. <3 Courtesy of my employer’s shutterstock account, I can download vectors for free! Yay!

nocturnal mom logo

Well as some of you might know, I’ am currently 20 weeks pregnant to my second child.

And I’m currently fixing the overall design of my blog, I really hope I can keep up and maintain this blog. I really get excited whenever I get my hands on a new blog.

Anyways I would love to meet new people around the WWW!

More about Deann

A mother of 2 beautiful children, Deann is an Online Freelancer - All Around Virtual Assistant, Web Designer and a Full Time Momma at home.

One thought on “Welcome To Nocturnal Mom!

  1. Meg Mortega

    Yay. We almost have the same blog name. Mine is nocturnalmomtalks.wordpress.com for the same reason that I am active at night đŸ™‚ Glad to have bumped into your blog. Have a safe and happy pregnancy! đŸ™‚


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