July All Things Baby Sale Baby Company!

Hey guys! Here’s another baby sale at the Baby Company! This time everything is on sale! Let me share our shopping moments inside the SM North Edsa. Baby Company is available inside the SM Department Store. FYI.

So yes, we went to SM North Edsa and looked what are the items for sale. I got excited especially when I saw the rack of cloth diapers! We are exclusively using cloth diapers as I’ve mentioned before. Why? Cloth diapers save money! Guess what? Disposable diapers are expensive. Just do the math! At first if you build your stash it’s expensive, but later on you won’t notice that you’ve spent a total of $50-$100 for your baby’s stash. Just imagine you buy disposable diapers every 2 weeks then how much are you going to spend? Still cloth diapers are eco-friendly. I’m glad that Baby Company also caters cloth diapers. And oh btw, I learned that Belle&Coco cloth diaper is especially owned by Baby Company! Hurray! For locally made products!

July 2017 all things baby sale baby company - baby leaf & charlie banana cloth diapers

Baby Leaf Cloth Diapers are locally made and costs around P300.00-350.00, Belle&Coco is also available here but since I featured them last time, let’s move on to the others! Charlie Banana Swim Diaper Training Pants and extra inserts for your cloth diaper needs.

July 2017 all things baby sale baby company - charlie banana cloth diaper- bright starts mom exclusive

If you avail 3 Charlie Banana Cloth Diapers, you will get a Free Li’l Tot Natural Cleanser 500ml. Each cloth diaper costs P800-850. And too bad! Are you kidding me?! I just bought a play gym last month for Flaine it was 10% off but hey it’s 30% off for Bright Starts! Waaaah!

July 2017 all things baby sale baby company - fisherprice sale

FisherPrice products are on sale too! My first born, enjoyed playing with the baby toys haha! And oh btw, there will be an event for expectant moms this coming July 15th! I’m encouraging you to join this and bring along your friends or neighbors who are pregnant like you!

July 2017 all things baby sale baby company - fisherprice rocker sale

Great Mom in the Making - Baby Company

This is FREE ADMISSION guys!

An Event for Expectant Moms:
Games ยท Raffle ยท Expert Talks ยท Workshops ยท Giveways for pregnant moms

Learn how to raise bright and happy children from the experts.
Venue: Bldg. A Level 2, SM Megamall (near Baby Company mall boutique)

Pre-registration is required. Visit link to register https://goo.gl/UC991w
Only 20 slots per leg are available
Please wait for an e-mail confirmation after you register
Registration closes once the sure and waitlisted slots are already filled in

For inquiries, PM Richwell Club FB Page

July 2017 all things baby sale baby company - playgro ball with tags - leap frog my discovery house

My eyes spotted this ball with tags, I don’t know why babies are so fond of this toy. Whenever Flaine, see a tag she grabs it and put it on her mouth lol. And this cutie discovery house! Hey this is handpicked by Flaine, so yes we bought it. Please check the video below, it has so many functions and the video took 4 minutes already ha! So I didn’t get to play with it more. Besides it’s hard when you’re holding it while you’re taking a video hahaha!

July 2017 all things baby sale baby company - My pal violet leap frog

I really really wanted to buy this for the baby but she picked the house over this. Huhu! This stuff toy can be personalized it can also tell your name, can mimic animal voices, and other stuff said the salesman. There’s an app for this and you will connect your phone at the back. But yeah, the baby wins! But it’s on sale! ๐Ÿ™

July 2017 all things baby sale baby company - nuby sale

This rack caught my attention while I was walking taking pictures. Isn’t it colorful?! The lady told me that this brand is Avent’s sister company. It’s very durable she said. Price range is about P199-800. Some of the products are up to 30% off too!

July 2017 all things baby sale baby company - nuby products suction cup
Left -P199.75 | Right – P699.75 – SRP but got them at 20% off.
July 2017 all things baby sale baby company - nuby products
Right – P399.7 SRP also at 20% off when I bought it.

July 2017 all things baby sale baby company - nuby products sale

I bought a whole set from this brand since my baby is turning 6mos in 4 days, we are going to introduce her to solid food. Excited for Tamang Kain! What I liked about this is that there’s a suction for every bowl. We are using a glass table so this is really perfect! And the colors are bright and it will definitely get the babies attention.

When I saw this crib, I immediately put her on it and yes unlimited shots because it was too cute not to! ๐Ÿ™‚ Everyone were so kind and assisting us during our shopping. I’m happy because everyone are approachable!

If you will notice that I’m into babies toys. My daughter really likes to hold stuff and figures it out on her own. Her development is really fast on her age. She’s only 3mos old when she started to use a walker, at 5mos she can walk back and forth through the house without any help. She likes to watch nursery rhymes and when I bought the Discovery House, she plays with it a lot.

Every month you will never know which items to pick out if you see these sales. As a mom, I only get one item at a time from different brands. Yes my baby is still a baby. But I do want what’s best for her. According to Ovia Parenting, an app for babies/parents. Let the baby see how things work, let her discover it on herself. And yes, that is very true! If she’s crying because she can’t do it. Talk to your baby and show how it works. And then she’ll figure it out! That’s what we do with Flaine. And seeing her early development, makes me really really happy! I’m glad that I chose to breastfeed her.

And oh we’re going to Hakab 2017 this coming August 5! Hope you’re coming too!

Can you tell how happy this baby is?! And yes we can now sit! Time flies so fast! We’re turning 6 months in 4 days!

Here’s our baby haul for this month! Hurry guys! For sure the stocks for these sale are running out! Be sure to get your hands on the first! Sale is until July 31, 2017!

July All Things Baby Sale - Nocturnal Mom

As a shopper, I really liked it if the brand/s I’m buying has promos like this! We got the Panda. I think I won’t be using this under the rain haha! Be sure to get a mom card to avail this promo!

See link to know how to get a Mom Card www.babycompany.com.ph/mom-card

For more info about this sale and for upcoming sales and events,
check out their website and follow their social media accounts:


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  1. Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle

    This is an awesome sale! When my kids were babies, I would clean out the store when they had sales like this. I love it!


  2. The Cubicle Chick

    Unfortunately, I don’t have any little ones but this looks like a great sale. And, that’s a cute baby there. – yolonda


  3. Dogvills

    My kids are adults now, but I still love looking at baby stuff. These are cute finds.


  4. Victoria Heckstall

    Those are great items and products! I would love to buy some of things for the baby of my sister. This is helpful!


  5. ricci

    This sounds like a great sale!! Several of my friends are expecting and I will have to share this post with them!!


  6. Agnes

    I dont have a little one yet but I do love shopping for friends with babies. Baby stuff is just so cute!


  7. Debra Hawkins

    Wow! Everything is on sale! I love those Nuby cups, I think I might need to stock up during the sale!


  8. Carol Cassara

    That’s a lot of cool items for the kids. It would be nice to take advantage of this sale especially if you have someone in the family who’s expecting!


  9. uprunforlife

    I love the cloth diapers. My children are way too old now. It makes me sad that my baby days are gone for good unless I adopt/foster kids.


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