Big Stuff Big Savings: Furniture Sale Baby Company PH!

Big Sale Big Savings Furniture Sale At Baby Company PH

Hey guys! I’m so excited to share with you what we did last weekend at SM San Lazaro Baby Company PH! It was my first time again for the last 7 years to go to SM San Lazaro, the last time I remember I went there is when we bought my first born’s walker from Baby 1st! Yes it came from the Baby Company PH as well! And wow the mall changed a lot! Especially the department store, not too crowded and when you looked everywhere, the shelves and stalls are full of stuff! So we went to 3rd floor and looked for Ms. Catherine Picazo. I must say the staff of the Baby Company here inside department store were all friendly and approachable! So I love love to shop at this store!

Warning: too many photos below! Ha!

I’m going to share with you guys the theme for this month! Too bad, my baby had the essential furniture already, crib, walker, stroller (thanks baby company!), and a rocker. So buckle up guys, as I’ll be sharing my top picks as well! My baby is turning 5 months already so I get the best stuff for her.

big stuff big savings furniture sale baby company ph - cribsbig stuff big savings baby company ph - wood drawer

I’m telling you guys! This is love at first sight! I really liked to have a wooden crib for my Flaine. But I still go on with a playpen. For me it’s a dream to see these furniture in white! And put your baby inside of it. Feels like royalty! I like it how they put the cribs there. Maybe I can still do it to my next baby. Ha!

big stuff big savings baby company ph - walkers

If only I knew that I will be featuring them again, I didn’t need to buy a walker haha! Because look at this photo, they have a lot of different walkers here.

big stuff big savings baby company ph - strollers

Of course strollers! I got one from Apruva! The promodiser said it’s the same as Aprica! They have different types here! But it’s best to have the umbrella ones and a bit lighter too!

big stuff big savings baby company ph - car seat

big stuff big savings baby company ph - jumperoo

I really like to buy a jumperoo for Flaine. But since we are moving again, I didn’t ha! And I’m afraid it’s only available in one color? Though I’m not sure if this one can move. I was busy taking photos but I can tell that this thing has wheels!

big stuff big savings baby company ph - bed for kids

My son said he wants to get his own bed haha! I told him we will get one, once we move to our new home.

big stuff big savings baby company ph - bed drawers

Exclusive for Mom Card holders! Get 10% off when you buy this bed foam! Forgive me, because I forgot how much exactly this is, but it cost around P1,200 I think + 10% off. And a drawer for your baby! Your baby needs her own stuff separated from yours! I think this cost around P2,999. And did I mention those cute little lamps?! They are so cute!

big stuff big savings baby company ph - drawers

This is very handy and cool! You just open it and put your babies stuff inside like diapers, clothes, etc..

big stuff big savings baby company ph - cloth diaper - waterproof mattress

Guess who’s excited to shop! I was looking for bed shield when the lady asked me. I told her I need a bed shield for my baby so when it’s presko time and when she doesn’t need to wear a diaper for an hour. And look! I was really fascinated when I saw a cloth diaper! I immediately get 2pcs of these!

big stuff big savings baby company ph - cloth diapers

This whole shelve except the left one has all the available cloth diapers from plain colors to printed ones! The brand’s name is Belle&Coco. I must say this is the softest cloth diaper I have ever held! Tried it already folks, my baby didn’t leaked! Tho, I really hate the garter marks, but still it does the job done! As long as those marks are not red! I really love the fit of it to my Flaine’s butt!

big stuff big savings baby company ph - waterproof matresses - waterproof bibs

Who doesn’t love waterproof?! You will also need a waterproof bib when Tamang Kain has started! Since my baby is turning 5 months old this coming 18th, I already bought one! So it’s just easy to wash whenever she sticks out the food I prepare. I got the Panda! haha! And those waterproof mattresses! You can pick which one you like! From single to blanket style mattress.

big stuff big savings baby company ph - mosquito repellant - travel chummies

And since the rainy season has started it’s best to buy these awesome mosquito repellent stickers! I didn’t buy once since I already have a few for my son’s school. And these lovely travel chummies! Sadly, I forgot to buy one! Huhu!

big stuff big savings baby company ph - nursing cover

And lastly on my top picks would be the nursing cover! On this day, we cannot still normalize breastfeeding, even if we want to. There are people who still publicly shame, us mothers who simply wants to feed our babies. So whenever you go out with your baby or if you are planning to have one. I suggest to buy one! For real! Though I know your baby won’t like it. But at least you have one right?

Okay time for our shopping haul!

big stuff big savings baby company ph - bright starts charming chirps play gym

I got thisΒ  for only P2,199 I got 10% off. Sorry I forgot to take a photo before I unboxed it haha! I was pissed off that night because when we came home, it was a disaster! So to lift off the mood, I immediately opened it! haha!

big stuff big savings baby company ph - bright starts charming chirps play gym setup

So this is how it looks like! Hello to our elephant on the left! πŸ˜€

big stuff big savings baby company ph - waterproof mattress protector

This one is a foamy mattress, it’s so soft! I got it for only P499.75.

big stuff big savings baby company ph - waterproof bib mom&baby

Waterproof bib for only P199.75!

big stuff big savings baby company ph - belle&coco cloth diapers

Belle&Coco Cloth Diapers for only P299.75 each! I will review this on a separate post with a video! Ha!

big stuff big savings baby company ph - playsmart playgro teether

My baby handpick the two toys from PlaySmart and Disney’s Minnie Mouse Teether! And additional teethers on the house and some cotton. πŸ™‚

And look our happy baby with her new toys! Thank you so much Baby Company PH for having us again!

Please take a look at the video below to know more about the Big Sale Big Savings Furniture Sale Baby Company PH!

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18 thoughts on “Big Stuff Big Savings: Furniture Sale Baby Company PH!

  1. Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle

    That is one great sale! Baby supplies are so expensive. This is awesome for any family with small children.


  2. Vera Sweeney

    Thanks for sharing this sale! Baby furniture is incredibly expensive, A sale like this can be a huge help for families.


  3. candy

    50% off is really a great buy. Looks like there are tons of choices for those shopping for baby items and furniture.


  4. Jennifer Van Huss

    This is a great store! I love the variety that they have! I hate it when there is only one choice when you are looking for things like a stroller or high chair. I like choice!


  5. Jeni

    What an awesome sale! There are so many cool things for babies and kids out there these days. When I think about the things I had as a kid, how did any of us survive without all the safety harnesses.


  6. Kelly Hutchinson

    I just love shopping for baby stuff! We just found out a great friend is expecting. I cannot wait to spoil that baby!


  7. Dogvills

    These are awesome deals and cute baby stuff. I’m way past this stage, but SafetyFirst and Graco are the brands I trusted when my kids were babies.


  8. Jocelyn @ Hip Mama's Place

    This is awesome! I’m sure a lot of parents will take advantage of all the huge savings. There are plenty to choose from as well. You got so many items.


  9. Chubskulit Rose

    Having a baby is a pure joy but it comes with a lot of expenses. It’s awesome when you can buy stuff on discount.


  10. Eloise

    The baby furniture is always best to get on discount/sales, because all of it is short-lived! they grow up fast and so spending an arm and a leg on furniture that’s going to be used for a year (give or take) is crazy! When my kids were babies I looked for sales or handy-downs all the time!


  11. uprunforlife

    My baby days are over and it kinda makes me sad. There are so many cool products out there for new mamas. This sounds like a great opportunity for moms to get things they need for their baby.


  12. Mary Edwards

    SO MANY CHOICES! And I love all the discounts. Seems like a great place to find everything baby-related


  13. Jennifer G

    These are amazing deals! I wish I had found deals like this when I had my two. Baby stuff can be so insanely expensive!


  14. Lynndee

    Your baby is so adorable! And looking at all these baby stuff makes me want to have another baby. πŸ™‚


  15. Catalina @ Peas & Peonies

    These sales are great opportunities for parents. I remember I began to buy baby stuff months before… πŸ™‚


  16. Sundaes & Flip Flops

    These are fabulous deals! What a great store and variety. Your little baby looks so happy with her new toys.


  17. Kate | Life of a Ginger

    Wow! What an awesome selection of awesome baby/toddler stuff. Sounds like a great sale!


  18. Shannon Gurnee

    I don’t have any babies right now, but I love shopping for baby stuff. This sounds like a great sale to check out!


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