Fun Activities at Ocean Adventure in Subic

Here’s a latest post for you guys! Fun Activities at Ocean Adventure in Subic!

Hi guys! I’m sorry for not updating my blog after the last post! I got really busy with other stuff. Well the truth is, I was playing haha!

Anyways, for this post I will share what me and my son did last September 16, 2016.

Last August, the school announced that there will be a field trip on Subic. I was excited, but then I heard the price! It was Php 1,450, it is expensive but hey its Subic! And I haven’t been on that place, and my partner said the place is great too.

At first I was hesitant, if I will be the one who will be joining my son’s field trip since I will be turning 22 weeks pregnant at that date. But in the end I’ am the one who’s with him on that day! Because I doubt that my partner will take photos of them while on the trip!

The trip was organized by, VLT Educational Tours and they are located in Caloocan. Our departure time is 5AM and venue is Subic and Bulacan.

  1. Bat Kingdom
  2. SBMA Rolling Tour – (San Guillermo Church, San Fernando Train Station) -Magellan Cross was closed.
  3. Ocean Adventure – Dolphin Tales, Sea Lion Patrol how, Wild World, Ocean Heart, Learning Center, Sea Trek, Oceanarium, New show – tentative
  4. Duty Free Philippines
  5. Pasalubong Stop Over
  6. Shell or Petron Stop Over

We were asked to wear green clothes and the kids wearing their PE uniforms.

We moved exactly at 6AM. And the SBMA Rolling Tour started. We then first went at a stop over in NLEX before going to our first destination.

Lain Aiden - Angel Bernadette Learning Center San Fernando Train Station4 - Pampanga

Our first destination was the San Fernando Train Station, the tourist guide said it will be great if we visit this small museum. There’s a half japanese who curated the whole area and explain to us the history, especially with the kids. He tells jokes and ask the kids if the place scares them and what could they learn on these artifacts that they are seeing.

San Fernando Train Station3 - Pampanga
San Fernando Train Station - Pampanga
San Fernando Train Station1 - Pampanga
San Fernando Train Station5 - Pampanga
San Fernando Train Station - Pampanga1

And I’m very happy that someone took a photo of us, I’m not used to it really! But he asked and well he’s doing us a favor! I was smiling after I saw our photo, my little fire was pointing his hands/finger on my belly! Haha! Isn’t it cute? Anyways, he doesn’t really want to take photos, but I’m glad he cooperated this time. And he enjoys it, but he doesn’t want to wait in line! Careful too there are lots of vendors out here that sells this super noisy pipe, it’s like a bird!

After that we went straight to San Guillermo Church, the tourist guide said that this church were buried from the ashes of Mt. Pinatubo many years ago. (sorry not into history that much!) And there are stories that this church are filled with ghosts! Yikes! Even the guide was looking after me since I’m the only preggy woman out there!

San Guilermo Church - Pampanga
San Guilermo Church1 - Pampanga
San Guilermo Church2 - Pampanga

If you check the photos, that door was a window! It’s crazy! And that day, someone is getting married! But we have the time to check the church inside, and look at the roof! It’s only a few meters above our heads.

After this, we were supposed to go to Magellan Cross, but it was closed.

Next stop was Duty Free Philippines in Subic! At first I didn’t notice because it was Puregold. But when I went inside, there are loads of chocolates! And they are on sale! I was really excited. Sorry I didn’t get to take photos of it! Because of my feet are hurting! So I have to buy and change. I bought chocolates and some souvenirs! I was regretting that I didn’t buy the big nutella, it is sold for only 350! Imagine the big bottle?! Haha! I bought Hersheys and Cadburry, btw!

Next stop was the Ocean Adventure! We took a nap for a while then we saw monkeys on the road! The kids were excited!

Subic Ocean Adventure Wild Life
Subic Ocean Adventure Dolphins
Subic Ocean Adventure Aman Sinaya Legend of the Ocean play
Subic Ocean Adventure Photos sea lion
Subic Ocean Adventure Sea Lion Show
Subic Ocean Adventure Sea Lion Show Erly

The first show was the Wild Life, this is where they show the wild animals and show their talents to us. It was fun! But through the whole adventure, it got boring. The oceanarium doesn’t have that much to see even the sea trek. I suggest that if you want to see a lot of fish and other animals, I suggest to go to Manila Ocean Park instead. The learning center isn’t interesting at all since they are shouting, we are over 200 people inside a room but they don’t have a microphone and speakers inside. So not all people are interested on what they are saying about the animals. The Aman Sinaya Legend of the Ocean was a play, it was really a waste of time! The truth is even the Dolphin Show bored me, or I’m just tired. But nah, my son asked me to go down with him, dolphins didn’t amazed him while doing their exhibitions. But at least! The Sea Lion show gave us entertainment! It was really fun not to mention that a male volunteer fell into the water! We all laugh out loud!

The sea lion names are Erly and Zoe, the big sea lion there on the photo is Erly. He was the main host of the show! Also careful if you sit in front row, prepare your umbrellas! Haha!

After the show, we went to their souvenir shop, and I bought something to keep. It was a glass with blue liquid and some dolphins inside! Then we went straight to the bus and eat our baons. After that my son was knocked out! And then there’s me I need to get some rest too and my baby.

I woke up when we reach a stop over, it was a pasalubong stop over in Lubao, Pampanga. I bought Cassava Cake for only 150 pesos and white pastillas 70 pesos and a FAKE Lengua de Gato from Baguio it tastes like FLOUR! And it costs me 130 pesos! Argh!

Then time to go home since we were still in Pampanga, after 2 hours of traveling. We are back home! I was really tired! So tired that I got problems when I try to sleep. I can’t sleep! Lol.

Again Ocean Adventure is a fine place for a visit! Just be ready to get tired because all you do is walking and sitting, which is not a good idea for preggy mommies like me! LOL.

Thank you for reading this long post! I hope I can share more with you, especially my pregnancy journey! Before I end this post here’s a photo of my little fire!

Subic Ocean Adventure - Nocturnal Mom

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